Monday, February 16, 2009

Pork and Hakusai

hakusai pork

I know, I know, two pork dishes in a row. What can I say? It's a great winter meat....

This is a super simple recipe that I got from shinshu life, a blogger who lives up in Nagano (if I'm getting that right. I usually get things like that wrong, woe is me!) and I have to admit that I had to try it as soon as I saw it on her blog. Two ingredient recipe! Awesome.

Of course, we always have to 'improve'. I believe Heather added a little water. I added shredded carrot. It was delicious, and even the kids ate it!

Hakusai Pork

hakusai (napa cabbage)

As Heather states it, the amounts are not listed because it's up to you. I used a whole (small) head of hakusai and about 400 grams of (thinly sliced) pork. I also used a small carrot and grated it finely. Cut the meat and hakusai into bite-sized pieces. Layer the hakusai and meat, starting with the vegetable on the bottom, in a large pot. I sprinkled the carrot over the meat on each layer. Cook over low heat (I covered the pot with a lid) until the hakusai turns transparent and the meat changes color. You can season with salt and pepper if desired.

Be sure to check out the original post on shinshu life!


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