Wednesday, May 21, 2008

broccoli quiche

Vegetables often go bad in my refrigerator. That is a very bad thing. I love broccoli, but I get tired of boiled broccoli, time after time. Steamed broccoli isn't much different, except I don't have to worry about getting rid of extra water. So, what to do? We have tried quiche before, but I had never made one. I found a recipe on all-recipes and decided to try it out.

broccoli quiche

I had to make a few changes, naturally. First, I didn't saute the vegetables in butter, I used econa oil. Also, I had some shitake mushrooms that I had to use, so I sliced them thinly and added them. Last, I used cheddar cheese, because I had a big block of it from Costco, and didn't have any mozzarella lying around.

It was delicious. We are probably heathen, because we put ketchup on it, but my son loves ketchup, so it was a great hit with him. I think my kids even ate some broccoli, so that was a plus!

For the pie crust, I used a recipe from the back of a Libby's pumpkin label. You can see the recipe online here. I use Crisco, but I have heard that it isn't being sold in Japan anymore. I suppose any shortening will do, but there are also many pie crust recipes out there.

I found this very easy to make, as long as I had the time to prepare (cutting veggies, frying them up, making pie crust and beating eggs takes a lot of time when you have three little ones under-foot!) and this may be a weekend meal for the time being.


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