Tuesday, January 8, 2008



Not really a good picture, a bit too close up for reference. But it was mighty good lasagna. Even Yoshi loved it and said he wanted me to make it again. It has become very easy in recent years to make lasagna in Japan. Especially if you want to use a package. Kind of expensive if you ask me. Also, these sets use white sauce, while I am used to using cheese (usually cottage cheese). However, the pans are rather small and the instructions probably tell you if you can make lasagna in a small oven, and they taste fine, so keep an eye out if you want some lasagna some night.

This is a simple lasagna, the noodles were actually non-cook ones. I browned some ground beef and pork, added it to a small jar of Classico pasta sauce (bought at Kaldi). I got the cottage cheese at Costco (they have decent sizes there). A word about cottage cheese: there are two kinds here. One is 'chunky', and the other is smooth. If you can't read Japanese well, you can usually tell what kind you are buying by looking at the picture on the package. Be careful! I mixed the cottage cheese with an egg and some shredded cheese (again bought at Costco. I used the mozzarella mix). A bit of red sauce on the bottom of my pan, noodles, cheese mixture, shredded cheese and then more red sauce. Next time I think I'll include eggplant.

I had to scrape off the Japanese label on the box of lasagna to read the directions, so I know i bought it here, but I can't remember where! Sorry. I think I'll be making lasagna again sometime soon. Yum!


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