Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Hi! I've decided to start another blog, as if I didn't have enough to do already. Ha! You may find (if you find this blog at all) that I am a poor writer. I write for myself, but I guess this blog is going to be for others, too. yikes!

I have been living in Japan for eight years. I am married to a Japanese man, and we have two (almost three) children. I have been trying to cook in Japan for eight years. I have found it challenging for a few reasons: first, I had no experience with Japanese ingredients before I came here! What were all those weird vegetables? Why were apples so darn expensive? Second, I hate fish. I still don't like fish, though I occasionally do eat it. Not sushi, though (my poor husband...) And third, it was hard to get ingredients for things I knew how to make. Over the past few years, it has become much easier (thanks to the internet) to get those things, both in availability and price.

This blog is mainly to encourage me to cook more (I've been very lazy lately because of pregnancy) and take pictures (I love to take pictures). If it can help others (especially those new to Japan), cool. The reason I'm not just blogging about cooking on my other blog is that it can be quite boring sometimes. So, I guess I'm making a little bit more of an effort over here. Hope I can do it!


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