Sunday, August 19, 2007

Honey BBQ Buffalo Wings

When I first came to Japan, it was difficult finding foods from home. It was possible to go to the big city to get 'American' foods, but that usually ended up being Quaker instant oatmeal, Dove chocolates, the occasional bag of marshmallows and English teas. It was a bit of a pain for me to go to the big city, luckily I only lived about 40 minutes away (by bus and train.)

There has always been FBC (which I have never ordered from, even to this day) where one could order things that have been shipped from the US, or could be ordered and then shipped from the US. Quite often, the things that I wanted had to be ordered in bulk, which meant a higher price and about fifteen more boxes than I wanted (limited space in my apartment.) Also, I never had internet in my home so online ordering meant a trip to the city.

Costco has been a great option, though not everything I could hope for. One thing they carry that I've always been grateful for is lean ground beef. Can't find that too often in Japan. As a warehouse-type store, of course things are sold in bulk, too, but usually in manageable sizes. Costco has been in Japan as long as I have (in fact, for a few months longer than me! I have been very lucky to live in Fukuoka.) It's a great place, especially if you want some non-Japanese pizza!

My post today is about buzzard wings. My new favorite store is Kaldi Coffee Farm. It is a wonderful store full of foreign foods (not just American (or 'western') foods but also Chinese, Thai, Indian and some others). I especially like the availability of baking products (like Crisco!) and spices. It's also great for jarred spaghetti sauce because they sell little jars, which is perfect for my small family (at the moment). I go often to see if they have anything new and a couple of weeks ago I was excited to find this bottle of buffalo wings sauce.

BBQ sauce (see how cluttered my kitchen is??)

It was very easy to prepare; the directions are on the bottle (I carefully peeled the Japanese instruction sticker off the bottle). I cooked the wings in my Helsio steam oven (on water grill to cut down on fat) and then tossed them in the sauce. These were so delicious, even Sasha enjoyed them!

enjoying wings


Heidi said...

Thanks for posting about this. I have seen these recently on Kaldi's shelves and have been curious about them. After reading this yesterday, I went to the Kaldi within walking distance from my house to get them, but they only had the chilli hot ones (because they are closing down and the shelves were cleared - I am so sad!!!). I got the chilli hot ones anyway and they were delicious. No need to go to TGIF anymore to get my buffalo wings fix from now.

Just that my boys can't eat them. Will buy the honey one next time.

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